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Lines Specialist and Armando Testa open the doors to freedom with the new “Protection” line.

Lines Specialist and Armando Testa open the doors to freedom with the new “Protection” line.

Lines Specialist, the brand dedicated to incontinent needs, has launched Lines Specialist Protection, the  new line for anyone who needs added protection and comfort. The creativity is by Armando Testa.

The launch film makes us consider an insight which is common among people who suffer from incontinece: leaving home means being exposed to greater risks of leaks and potential odour. The result is that, without the right product, people tend to go out less and socialise less. 

The star of the ad is a enterprising lively spirited woman who suffers from incontinence who debunks this idea by showing how she can freely enjoy her life while out of home.   The opening gesture shows a blue door, blue like the reference colour for the new range Lines Specialist Protection and symbol of freedom for opportunities in life,  it leads us to a wonderful mountain location where the woman along with her husband and a couple of friends can feel truly free to live her life and enjoy her passions. 

The great innovation of the product, its “multi-layer” structure, is described in the demo which shows the greater protection it offers. The exclusive oodour neutralising technology is also mentioned which has always been a distinctive excellent feature of  Lines Specialist products.

The anti-odour effectiveness is also emphasised in the final scene when the star is surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery as she casually embraces her husband without worrying about him being so near her. 

A tag-on dedicated to Lines Specialist Lady line follows, the metaphor of the oversize sweater reminds us that it is not necessary to cover up to feel protected thanks to a more  discrete product only a few millimeters thick.

The final  packshot featuring the two lines  Lady and Protection offers an overview of Lines Specialist great protective range.

The  30” ad is on air on main TV channels.

Production handled by Mercurio Production Hub and post production by Little Bull Studios. 

Planning by  Media Italia.


Fater Marketing Team – Lines

• General Manager: Antonio Fazzari

• Associate Marketing Director: Ione Volpe

• Marketing Manager: Lina D’Alberto

• Brand Manager: Ivana Papadia                      

 Agency: Armando Testa

•  Executive Creative Directors: Georgia Ferraro, Nicola Cellemme

•  Creative Team: Cristina Macchi, Chiara Demichelis

•  Account Team: Raffaele Reinerio, Cristina Omenetto, Arianna Cipolloni

Production Company

Production Company: Mercurio Production Hub

Director: Alessandro Bosi

Dop: Alessandro Bolzoni

Media Centre: Media Italia

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