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Lines Petalo and Armando Testa, together in a new delicate but strong campaign, just like women.

Lines Petalo and Armando Testa, together in a new delicate but strong campaign, just like women.

Being delicate doesn’t mean being fragile. Being romantic doesn’t mean being ingenuous. And being sensitive doesn’t mean being weak. Every woman is delicate and strong, gentle and tenacious, sensitive and gutsy at the same time.

And that’s the message from the new Lines campaign which, after a number of years is communicating again with the brand Lines Petalo to continue the fight against gender stereotypes. And once again they have chosen to do so with along with Armando Testa.

With the claim “Lines Petalo, delicate as a petal, strong as you,” Lines is talking to all women, inviting them to acknowledge that they are delicate, but also amazingly strong and that’s their special feature,  just like  Lines Petalo, delicate and fresh on your skin but absorbent and protective like  a  Lines.

Women of different ages star in the 30’’ TV  ad and  they show two sides of themselves in a completely natural way: the more delicate and sensitive side but also more gutsy and determined, during different times of their lives which all viewers could identify with.  The copy of the campaign plays with a contradictory approach, its direct and precise tone communicates the importance of seeing beyond the stereotype that women are the weak sex. 

The campaign airs on TV and also includes an ad hoc digital and social adaptation with different contents specially developed for the channels involved which will feature all the different girls from the ad.

Production was handled by Think Cattleya, and the director was Francesco Calabrese. 

Post-production by Little Bull Studios. Media planning by Media Italia.


Team Marketing Fater – Lines

General Manager: Antonio Fazzari

Associate Marketing Director: Ione Volpe

Group Brand Manager: Mariaelena D’Ippolito 

Brand Manager: Mariana De Simone                           

Agency: Gruppo Armando Testa

Executive creative directors: Georgia Ferraro and Nicola Cellemme

Creative team: Chiara Panattoni, Carlotta Gilardi, Cristina Macchi

Production company: Think Cattleya

Director: Francesco Calabrese

Dop: Karim Andreotti

Media Centre: Media Italia    

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