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Lines and Emma Marrone bring the project fighting stereotypes “Hour for change” conceived by Armando Testa to schools

Lines and Emma Marrone bring the project fighting stereotypes “Hour for change” conceived by Armando Testa to schools

After the science hour and the Italian hour, “The hour for change” has arrived in schools. This educational project from Lines has an outstanding sponsor in Emma Marrone. A special initiative throughout the country dedicated to young people, it is part of an integrated communication project featuring Lines and Emma Marrone, side by side in the fight against gender stereotypes.

This initiative is part of Lines’ broader project “Domande scomode@School” (“Awkward Questions @ School”). For years it has been committed to bringing real training opportunities on a range of topics into schools, with the aim of giving children information without prejudice and so the tools to build a fairer future based on respect and the value of diversity.

“The hour for change ” talks directly to young people, but above all it uses the language of young people. The format, conceived by the communication agency Armando Testa, with media planning by Media Italia, tackles a complex issue but does so by involving a number of guests, not only experts on the subject, but also very very close to the kids. So no to classic lecture lessons, make way for lively and engaging exchange for everyone.

The special format “The hour for change” promoted by Lines is an action with social importance, aiming to get new generations reflecting on the theme of gender equality and tackling violence, engaging with young people on what needs to be changed in order to make modern society more just and equal.

The format actually does include some online live lessons, thanks to a distance learning platform and three classes from three high schools in Milan, Rome and Naples will be featured.

Emma, ​​as well as being the sponsor of the initiative, will deliver the first more general lesson on gender stereotypes, while the following lessons will go deeper into more specific issues such as stereotypes related to changes in the body, cyberbullying and body shaming and with guest characters such as Weedy and Noa Planas, who are just about the same age as the students.

Each lesson will be led by sociologist Silvia Semenzin, together with the guests, she will liven up the lessons with time to analyse and discuss the phenomena looking at concrete examples and through storytelling about the personal experiences of the guests.

Since these issues are so important for young people in all schools, the episodes are available to everyone on the platform “Domande scomode@School”.



General Manager: Antonio Fazzari

Mktg Associate Director: Ione Volpe

Mktg Manager: Mariaelena D’ippolito

Assistant Brand Manager: Michela Sala

Agency: Armando Testa

Executive Creative Directors: Georgia Ferraro and Nicola Cellemme

Creative team: Carlotta Gilardi, Chiara Panattoni, Chiara De Michelis

Technical and didactic support: La Fabbrica

Production and logistic support: Little Bull Studios

Media agency: Media Italia

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