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Free to feel smooth whenever you want thanks to Strep and InTesta

Free to feel smooth whenever you want thanks to Strep and InTesta

A new print and digital campaign for the leading Italian brand in professional DIY hair removal. 

Removing hair or not is a choice that every woman is totally free to make, depending on her own needs and her lifestyle. In short, it’s a question of style and personality, just like what clothes you decide to wear. 

That is the insight underlying the new print and digital campaign from Strep, the “go-to” beauty product for professional do-it-yourself hair removal.

The creativity was conceived and developed by InTesta (Armando Testa Group) for the Sodalis Group – the largest Italian group in the Beauty, Health & Personal Care market.  It features a contemporary woman, who is proud and free to always express herself in her own way: when it comes to her style choices and hair removal. “If feeling smooth is your style”, declares the headline, then Strep is your “go to” choice thanks to its range of practical, fast and amazingly effective hair removal strips for a professional result at home, whenever you want. 

The mood in the visual treatment of the campaign is playful and colourful, and aims to convey lightness and a pinch of self-irony. The feathers, on the other hand, are part of the fashionable and feminine styling but they’re also an iconic symbol of the delicacy of the product on your skin.

The press campaign is planned from May to August in main women’s titles, and has two subjects (legs and face) while the digital video campaignconsists of four subjects (legs, face, underarms and bikini) and is planned both on social media and the web. 

Both productions are by Little Bull Studios.


• Agency: InTesta – Armando Testa Group

• Executive Creative Directors: Nicola Cellemme, Georgia Ferraro

• Creative Team: Chiara Panattoni, Carlotta Gilardi

• Account Service: Laura Alberti, Giulia Bresciani 

• Production Company: Little Bull Studios

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