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Italian summer turns yellow, with Chiquita and Armando Testa.

Italian summer turns yellow, with Chiquita and Armando Testa.

What have summer, Chiquita bananas and Italy got in common? Lots of things: the colour of the sun, smiles, naturalness and all the unmistakeable flavour of simplicity. So what better idea than to welcome tourists to our country with a Chiquita campaign transforming airports, ports, coaches and ferries for the whole summer season?

The campaign is really ironic and repeats the pop style typical of the brand. It plays on the colour and the features of the product in both the visual, which centres on a hand holding a beautiful banana, and the text where a sequence of alternating headlines bring a smile to anyone who reads them. 

The themes of the outdoor are those that have always made the  10 e lode banana stand out (its naturalaness, freshness, flavour and being healthy) and in this summer campaign they are added to typical Italian characteristics, offering a warm welcome with open arms and always joyful.

The campaign was created by Armando Testa with Executive Creative Direction from Michele Mariani. It will be visible from 15 July in main airports and Italian seaside resorts. Planning managed by Local Planet.

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