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Le Stagioni d’Italia on TV once again: a story of excellence created by Armando Testa.

<strong>Le Stagioni d’Italia on TV once again: a story of excellence created by Armando Testa.</strong>

Le Stagioni d’Italia, the brand of excellent Italian products which is part of the BF Group, is on TV, digital, and social channels with a new communication campaign. 

The project was conceived and produced by the Armando Testa Group and it uses a recognizable and representative symbol to tell the story of the brand. A large size ear of Senatore Cappelli wheat, enhanced with a typical black moustache which turns into a pen moving across the fields as it writes a new story: about Le Stagioni d’Italia and its products. A knowing pathway where pasta, a source of protein and low in fat and sugar,  and which satisfies people’s wish for goodness and wellbeing, is transported from the field to the table.  This desire literally takes shape in the wheat field and comes true every day on Italians’ tables. 

The Armando Testa agency created a campaign where the stars are pasta and pizza with Grano Senatore Cappelli. 

Together with Le Stagioni d’Italia, a corporate film for BF was also launched: a 90”  video,  where the big ear of wheat, the origin of everything, rewrites the story of the group on the field: a story that looks to the future and of which this is just the beginning. 

The whole project is accompanied by an exceptional sound track that shares the same spirit as the brand – Italian and visionary: L’isola che non c’è by Edoardo Bennato.

Armando Testa Studios handled the production.


Executive Creative Directors: Nicola Cellemme, Georgia Ferraro

Creative Team: Roberta Campagna, Luisa Codispoti

Team Account: Eugenia Cesile, Chiara Marchetti

Production Company: Armando Testa Studios

3D Animation: Band

Music: Edoardo Bennato

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