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The choices we make can change the world, with Lavazza ¡Tierra! And Armando Testa.

The choices we make can change the world, with Lavazza ¡Tierra! And Armando Testa.

Land art, music and the environment come together in the new project by Armando Testa, created to describe the sustainable nature of Lavazza ¡Tierra! Bio-Organic.

A journey around the world lets us discover the commitments made by the Lavazza Foundation which inspired the three new ¡Tierra! Bio-Organic references. All related through the visionary talent of the Franco-Swiss artist Saype.

A long film tells the story of the whole range and three vertical 15” films are dedicated to a specific product: ¡Tierra! For the Amazon, created to support Reforestation, ¡Tierra! For Africa to support training for young people, ¡Tierra! For Planet to respond to climate change.

A series of zero impact land art works flash past to the notes of the song “With my own two hands” specially rearranged by Ben Harper. His words “I can change the World, with my own two hands” accompany giant, breath-taking masterpieces that represent and highlight the range of players in the Lavazza Foundation, immersed in nature: J. Cesar Rolin Pacaya “Guardian of the Amazon Forest” in part of Peru, Sheila Ampumuza “Trainer of Young Entrepreneurs” in the desert and Riina Mejia “Entrepreneur of Coffee & Climate” on the slopes of a volcano.

Lavazza’s¡Tierra! Bio-Organic journey continues with a fourth work featuring the key-visual of the campaign which also appears in the print, outdoor and digital. Two arms created perfectly from the nature around them, supporting the whole world. A gesture showing care and protection to symbolize the fragility of our planet and at the same time Lavazza (and the Foundation’s) commitment to sustainability.  With a young couple enjoying a cup of coffee.

Because the choices we make – as the voice over repeats – can change the world.

Finally, the hashtag #icanchangetheworld reminds us that the film is the first in a series of projects that will be developed in the coming weeks and months.



Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.

Lavazza Marketing Communication Department: Carlo Colpo, Maddalena Lembo


Armando Testa S.p.A.

Executive creative director: Michele Mariani
Creative direction: Andrea Lantelme, Federico Bonenti

Client service: Gina Graci

TV Producer: Mirella Andreoli


Production Company: The Family

Executive Producer: Stefano Quaglia

Producer: Danielle Joujou

Head of Production: Federico Luiselli

Junior Producer: Raffaele Fusco

Post Producer: Simone Barbella

Director: David Holm

DoP: Justin Henning

Editor: Nicola Mucelli

Colorist: Daniel Pallucca

Post video: Xchanges

Post audio: Top Digital

Voice over: Tamara Fagnocchi

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