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On April 10, in Australia, Lavazza begins its new international advertising campaign, created by Armando Testa, to promote the launch of Minù, the brand’s A Modo Mio capsule system, and three new and exclusive blends: Lungo Gentile, Armonico, Deciso.

Lavazza’s new compact coffee maker is easy to use and fits into any space, letting you rediscover how simple it is to prepare authentic Italian espresso coffee at home with a single gesture and in a matter of seconds.

The idea behind the commercial is to tell the story of how, whenever someone on the other side of the world enjoys a cup of Lavazza coffee, every sip reveals the quality of the product, the Italian passion that goes into it and the experience of a family run company which has devoted all its energies to coffee for more than a century and four generations.

The creative translation of this idea in the commercial features the journey of an Italian barista who, whenever someone uses the Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee maker in an Australian home, sets off carrying a tray and a cup of coffee from real San Tommaso 10 in Turin, Italy, where the Lavazza story began in 1895.

From here, the barista crosses various Italian cities. During his journey, he encounters Italian experiences, good humour and savoir faire, until he finally arrives in Australia to deliver the coffee to the owner of the A Modo Mio coffee maker.

With the claim: “Lavazza. From Italy with passion”.

A Modo Mio becomes ambassador of Italian excellence combining both the artistic beauty as well as Italian know-how, such as food, fashion and, of course, coffee.

The commercial was filmed over ten days in true road movie tradition.

The two vans carrying the crew and the creative team set off from Turin and visited all Italy’s most famous cities – Milan, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Rome and Naples – before arriving finally in Sydney.

A challenging and fascinating tour during which new ideas were developed and evolved kilometer after kilometer, and in which the spirit of the commercial was lived out in real life by its authors and their travelling companions.

The “From Italy with passion” campaign will be adapted for TV, web, print, outdoor and shopping center billboards.


ARMANDO TESTA ADVERTISING AGENCY | Executive creative director: Michele Mariani | Creative and art director: Andrea Lantelme | Art: Barbara Ghiotti | Copy: Federico Bonenti | Copy: Anna Ponti | Client service: Nicola Crivelli, Roberto Ferrero

HAIBUN PRODUCTION COMPANY | Director: Danxen | Executive Producer: Cesare Fracca | Producer: Silvia Biscotti | Music: Catilina Sherman

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