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The new subject in the Lavazza Paradise campaign dedicated to Qualità Rossa coffee was created by Armando Testa and it contains an important innovation. The ad has been on air since Sunday 31 May.

After many years, the light, melodic musical arrangements by Giancarlo Colonnello which accompanied so many episodes set in Paradise, have been replaced by a new composition directed by the Maestro Nicola Piovani, Oscar winner with the sound track for the film Life is Beautiful (La vita è bella).

This prestigious composer is a pianist, orchestra conductor, composer of music for the cinema and the theatre, he has written songs and chamber music and symphonies. By choosing him, Lavazza has confirmed its quest for excellence in all aspects of its communication.

Against the notes which have found their home among the clouds, once again we come across the couple formed by Enrico Brignano – Tullio Solenghi. They are discussing a very simple concept but, because of a misunderstanding, it has been interpreted in two completely different ways. *

These crossed wires leads to a play on words between the two, but at the end they manage to clear it up in an amusing way: in front of two piping hot cups of Lavazza Qualità Rossa coffee, Enrico Brignano and Tullio Solenghi agree that happiness comes from little things.

And not in the little houses, as Brignano was convinced of at the beginning.

Enjoying a great little daily pleasure like Lavazza coffee, it would seem that the discussion is over.

But the final twist in the last scene reignites the saga of the misunderstandings.

The ad was created by the Armando Testa agency, just like the whole Paradise campaign.

Creative direction by Mauro Mortaroli, copy Leonardo Manzini, and directed by Alessandro D’Alatri, Production Company Filmmaster Productions.

On air on all TV channels and the web.

* In Italian “cose” = things, while “casa” = houses

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