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La tua casa, la tua storia” (Your home, your story). The Tescoma campaign created by Armando Testa is preparing another chapter, and is dedicating three fairy-tale illustrations to women.

“<strong>La tua casa, la tua storia” <em>(Your home, your story).</em> The Tescoma campaign created by Armando Testa is preparing another chapter, and is dedicating three fairy-tale illustrations to women.</strong>

In spring 2020, the Armando Testa creative and strategic team, along with the marketing team from Tescoma, developed a campaign based on a very important insight, in fact it had even greater meaning because of the situation we were all experiencing at the time, since we were in full lockdown.

Starting off from the concept of the home, and from the analysis of the changes in the way we experience our homes, it emerges that the “home” is no longer just the physical place where we live, but above all an emotional rather than functional space.  It is the setting for personal unique stories, comprising our relationships, flavours and attitudes.

From that came the idea to tap into the most powerful worlds of collective imagination: fairy tales. So, inspired by the most timeless and beautiful fairy tales, the campaign uses lightness and a touch of irony to show us those slices of life when people and Tescoma products come together to create special moments. After all, the very nature of Tescoma products, designed specifically to simplify life for anyone who uses them, makes them the perfect co-stars of a story close to people: a young dad with his little daughter who is hungrier than the wolf, a sweet Alice surrounded by amazing perfumes, a mum with seven kids preparing something good for them in a nanosecond….

The campaign was developed to be multi-media and it is planned for TV, digital, press, outdoor, radio and points of sale. It brought the brand even closer to its target and succeeded in publicising Tescoma’s offers and latest launches in a direct, emphatic way, so very effective, and has led to excellent sales performance.

After two years, and while already looking to the future, the desire was to celebrate the “fairy tales” chapter, with a style that was closely connected to the theme of the campaign: illustrated fairy tales.  Three subjects, three products, three female stars, and three illustrators chosen from both the Italian and international scene.

Michelangelo Rossino brought a modern and ironic Snow-White witch to life who started Springtime barbeques, Lucie Queffelec created an unprecedented female version of Hercules, on 1st May she celebrated women and mums, she who are a force every day, and then finally Giovanni Esposito, aka Quasirosso, who created the third illustration, issued on 4th October: a young Cinderella, super happy to park her pumpkin to enjoy a coffee as good as at a bar.

Three subjects where Tescoma wanted to put women centre stage as a strong figure, fundamental in all her aspects, celebrating with her strength, uniqueness, determination and that typically female irony that women know how to use every day to change the rules, and write their own. Naturally with Tescoma products always by her side, just like a little dose of magic in everyday life.

 “La tua casa la tua storia” (Your home, your story) will continue over the coming months and Armando Testa’s creative and strategic kitchen is already at work on the ingredients of how it is going to evolve, but the heroines and heroes of the tales told will always be used to remind us that every one of us is special, and when we’re at home with those we love, even more so.


Creative Direction: Monica Pirocca and Michela Sartorio

Client Director: Benedetta Buzzoni

Head of Strategy: Guglielmo Pezzino

Creative Team: Chiara De Michelis, Quentin Chatelin

Account: Francesca Toschi

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