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Italia: open to wonders

Italia: open to wonders

An outstanding testimonial to represent Italy all over the world. Someone who’s really contemporary but has a great history. That’s Sandro Botticelli’s Venus, one of the best-known women in the world, and she’s the star of the new international tourism promotional campaign from the Ministry of Tourism and Enit, created with the contribution of the Prime Minister’s Department for information and publications.

Instantly recognisable by everyone thanks to her unmistakable gaze and her hair, this new Venus, as a virtual influencer, will travel throughout the boot of Italy presenting the “wonders” of Italianness to the world, describing landscapes, iconic destinations of the cities of art as well as small villages, the food and wine specialities and the whole host of rich and colourful tourist opportunities which make Italy’s heritage so unique.

 “Open to meraviglia” (Open to wonders) is the claim created for this multi-subject campaign- developed from an idea of the Armando Testa group. It consists of a promotional video and an outdoor campaign with geographical settings ranging from typical glimpses into the beauties of the south, central Italy as well as the north. Step by step new locations, suggestions and itineraries will be added based on the visits Venus makes to the municipalities and regions that decide to join the digital campaign, live on the Instagram profile venereitalia23, on the website and other social platforms.

From all the icons of the Renaissance, Venus is back today as an allegory of rebirth and renewal. In this case for the Italian tourism sector, after having endured the difficult effects of lockdown and closures during the pandemic, it has now found new drive and vitality. And it is casting its gaze far and wide. The boom of tourism during the Easter period saw Italy ranking second amongst the most visited European destinations and saw the return of US tourists in record numbers (+50% presence), this augers well for 2023 which will be a year of great intensity, with greater flows than 2019 which was already very positive.

At this time when tourism to Italy is opening up again, and when the government is launching policies to benefit of the sector, the logo of the Ministry has also changed, becoming more expressive. This rebranding is reflected in the logo with the same Open to meraviglia” (Open to wonders) claim which opens up in a tricolour window, promising surprises for the visitor and the unmistakable Made in Italy welcome.

The total of the forecast investment by ENIT for the spring/summer and autumn/winter campaign is nine million euros. It will be developed in all main international markets, both consolidated and those with high potential, with greater weight based on existing tourist and expected flows. In particular, Europe, the Gulf states, USA, Central and South America, China, India, South East Asia and Australia. Roughly half of the investment will focus on the main international airport hubs, with a promotional video to be shown on Ita Airways flights, and in those European railway stations, with direct connections with Italy and where there is a strong synergy between ENIT and Trenitalia: France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. A local country QR code will ensure a strong connection to About 4 million euros will be invested in the international digital ecosystem with international cross-media campaigns, always with the goal of increasing traffic on the portal.

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