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Cooperation continues between the inTesta agency, part of the Armando Testa Group and Diva International, the Italian company with headquarters in Umbria, which is leader in the wet wipes sector and a specialist in the development and production of products and innovative solutions for personal hygiene and wellbeing. It is the only European company which produces self-heating bands inside the EU.

As part of their packaging restyling project, started in 2014, Diva International entrusted inTesta with the development of their new logo, new packaging and all the POS materials for the Scaldì brand, the self-heating bands in individual packs, which are distributed in mass market retail outlets and the main networks of sports goods stores.

The product is entirely produced in Italy and is composed of a mix of substances (safe and non-polluting) – when they come into contact with air a heating reaction is activated.

The idea for the new pack originates from a symbol with stylised waves of modulated colours to represent the heat. The optical effect brings to mind the idea of comforting heat escaping from the pack.

The wave is also featured in the logo, with softened lines and accompanied by an “S” forming the outline of a flame.

The idea of the whole pack, with its choice of warm shades, is to represent the beneficial effect of heat. The same warm strong colours describe the effectiveness of a product dedicated to sport and leisure time.

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