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With Christmas in sight Vecchia Romagna has started advertsing again with a tv ad and new branded content. Created by Armando Testa.

With Christmas in sight Vecchia Romagna has started advertsing again with a tv ad and new branded content. Created by Armando Testa.

The new edition of the branded content “Maestros of Emotions” is now online. It stars Mara Maionchi, Fabio Capello and Marco Giallini in conversation with the journalist Federico Buffa;

The project was conceived by Armando Testa in collaboration with CairoRCS Studio, and consists of  three episodes.

The TV ad for the best-selling Italian brandy in the world, recognised as a historical brand of National Interest has been on air since 10th December. The ad was created by Armando Testa this year too, and features the Reserve range with Riserva 18 and Riserva Tre Botti.  

Emotions, as evoked by Vecchia Romagna play an important role this Christmas. The world’s best-selling Italian brandy is advertising again during the festive period. After the success of the first edition, it is starting again with the branded content “Maestros of Emotions”, three episodes where three iconic personalities – this year coming from the world of music, sport and cinema – are the stars of an intimate “journey” around their emotions, the passing of time and Italian know-how which has always made Vecchia Romagna stand out. Talking about themselves in the second edition to journalist Federico Buffa, once again in the role of excellent storyteller, we have Mara Maionchi, Fabio Capello and Marco Giallini.

The three episodes are dedicated to Vecchia Romagna Reserve range: Etichetta Nera, classic Italian brandy with an elegant and decisive flavour; Riserva Tre Botti, elegant blend of prestigious brandies aged 18 years in three different barrels, with a rich and intense flavour; Riserva 18, an exceptional blend of spirits aged 18 years in precious oak barriques and then finished in barrels used to make the prestigious Amarone della Valpolicella wines.


During the three episodes the three Maestros of Emotions talk about themselves while sipping Vecchia Romagna, the brandy from the Montenegro Group, founded in Italy in 1820 and acknowledged as a historic brand of National Interest: Mara Maionchi, exuberant and authentic icon of Italian discography; Fabio Capello, former footballer and coach who got generations of fans dreaming; Marco Giallini, one of the most intense and loved actors in Italian cinema. Three maestros who share a passion always conveyed in their work, just like Vecchia Romagna which has combined Italian know-how in the world of brandies with the ability to let you experience intense emotions for over two hundred years. The project, conceived by Armando Testa and created in collaboration with Caircs Studio, can be viewed on the digital platform of Corriere della Sera,  Gazzetta dello Sport and on all the Vecchia Romagna’s social channels, including  YouTube:


From 10th December and until the end of the month, Vecchia Romagna’s advertising will continue with an integrated campaign airing on the main TV networks (Rai, Mediaset, Cairo, Sky, Discovery), addressable TV and online on main social networks. The protagonist of the campaign is the “Maestro of Emotions” spot, created by Armando Testa, and for the first time this year will also feature the Reserve range with Riserva 18 and Riserva Tre Botti.

The new TV trailer was produced by Diaviva and directed by Alex Koci.


Client: Montenegro Group

Marketing and New Businesses Director: Gianluca Monaco

Marketing Manager Core Brands: Daniele De Angelis

Brand Manager Vecchia Romagna: Chiara Casati


Agency: Armando Testa

Creative direction: Jacopo Morini, Fabiano Pagliara

Creative team: Clara Vincelli, Francesca Graziani

Motion designer: Luca Perli

Social media manager: Fabio Cuscunà, Sara Zavattaro

Client director: Giovanna Farè

Client service: Gabriele Nolfo

Branded content Unit CairoRCS Media: CairoRCS Studio

Creative direction: Agnese Ruta

Production company: FrameOut

Media: Initiative

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