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A little gesture can do a lot, or to use the words of the protagonist of this first film: “A gesture as little as a star, but as big as the entire sky”.

This is the concept the new format is based on “A dream called cocoa” dedicated to the sustainability of the Pan di Stelle brand.

“It is with great satisfaction that we present people with a new and important initiative in line with the company mission “Good for you, Good for the planet, Good for the community”. A campaign promoting the commitment of the Pan di Stelle brand to ensure a responsible and sustainable supply chain for cocoa, and which has been effective with tangible investments to support cocoa growers in the Ivory Coast who provide our raw materials, their families and the whole community they belong to.

The aim of the new communication campaign is to focus on the commitment that Pan di Stelle has been pursuing for some time in making the brand promise come true: to be a brand recognised for its good, healthy, sustainable products from the field to the table”. These are the words of Francesco Del Porto President of the Italy Region for Barilla.

The communication for the project was created and developed in collaboration with Armando Testa. It tells of the brand’s commitment and membership of the Cocoa Horizons Foundation in the Ivory Coast, its ability to encourage all kids to dream and the will to make those dreams come true.

The first subject in the new communication format has been on air since Sunday 9th September. It focuses on the issue of water and features Djangobo, a little village in the Ivory Coast where the cocoa growers that the supply the brand, live with their families.

Searching for water is a demanding task in Africa and mainly women and girls are involved. That’s why the journey is told through the eyes of a little girl of six called Nyma.

Nyma introduces us to her world and tells us how every day she has to travel a great distance to fetch water, so she makes us feel part of her biggest dream: having a water well in her village.

So when Nyma says the magic words “I had a dream. It’s all true!”, the dream-like and illustrated part of her story suddenly becomes real, and her wish becomes what we’d all wish for.

Because sometimes the most beautiful things come true, all you have to do is wish hard enough for them.

The well in Djangobo which Nyma finds in front of her as she opens her eyes is just one of the operations in favour of the community of cocoa growers that Pan di Stelle has established in the Ivory Coast together with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.

All the other projects which the brand has been able to realise will each be revealed one by one in the coming episodes in the #UNSOGNOCHIAMATOCACAO format.

“Nyma’s Dream” will be shown on TV in cuts of 40″ and 30” and in the 90” format in cinemas.

With executive creative direction from Michele Mariani, creative directors Federico Bonenti and Andrea Lantelme, copy and art respectively, worked on this campaign for Armando Testa; client service Benedetta Buzzoni and Federica Drogo.

The Production Companies involved are BRW Filmland and The Box Films.

Animation by Margherita Premuroso, live action directed by Gavin Thurston.

The song Makoun Oumou is by the artist from the Ivory Coast, Fatoumata Diawara.

Agency: Armando Testa

Creative Direction: Michele Mariani, Federico Bonenti and Andrea Lantelme

Team account: Benedetta Buzzoni and Federica Drogo

Production Company: BRW Filmland, The Box Films

Director: Gavin Thurston

Animation: Margherita Premuroso

Music: Fatoumata Diawara

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