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Humangest has chosen the Armando Testa agency for their new campaign “La differenza è nel talento” (The difference is in the talent) with Victoria Cabello, on air from Saturday 1st April on main TV channels, Radio and Digital  

<strong>Humangest has chosen the Armando Testa agency for their new campaign “La differenza è nel talento” (<em>The difference is in the talent)</em> with Victoria Cabello, on air from Saturday 1st April on main TV channels, Radio and Digital  </strong>

In addition to the TV ad, Victoria Cabello will also host “NiceJob!” for Humangest. With an irreverent format and ironic tone of voice it will answer the most pressing questions concerning the world of work.

Each episode will feature a guest from the world of entertainment who will complete their CV, providing unexpected anecdotes and reflections on the world of work.

Humangest, Employment Agency of the SGB Humangest Holding, Group specialized in human resources selection, gamification, recruitment, international mobility, training, outsourcing, logistics and payroll – has chosen the leading agency in the advertising sector Armando Testa for their new campaign featuring the claim “La differenza è nel talento”, (The difference is in the talent) which has been on air since Saturday 1st April.

The world of work has wide ramifications and abounds with questions, from both jobseekers and those offering positions.  Different job sectors and company vacancies all conceal dreams and passions, but also training and career paths that, in a way which might be rapid and direct or not, can lead to results.  Above all for those embarking on searching for a job for the first time, their doubts, uncertainties and curiosity generate questions, that often go unheard. In this context, companies need to communicate their needs in order to ensure efficient matching with candidates. 

This is the background for the new Humangest campaign. Broadcast for the first time on Saturday 1st April on Dazn, the 15’ ad will air for three months on the main TV channels, Radio, Digital and Social, including Sky TG24, TGcom24 and Radio 24. Humangest has invested an amount of more than 1 million euros for the media planning of the entire communication campaign.  

«The Humangest 2023 marketing campaign represents a quality leap with respect to the past with investment aimed at reaching as wide an audience as possible and successfully increasing the visibility of our brand.    Engaging, intriguing and building loyalty -both individuals and companies- is key to forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones; that’s why we decided to use the most effective channels and tools, as well as great professionals from the world of entertainment», comments Gianluca Zelli, CEO of SGB Humangest Holding. «The new Humangest claim featured in the campaign “La differenza è nel talento”, (The difference is in the talent) summarises the mission and values that drive us to work with passion, every day, in order to foster everyone’s talent and find the perfect match between supply and demand».

Victoria Cabello, voice and face of the new campaign, will also host the talk show “NiceJob!”. The new format from Humangest – which will run on the company’s social channels, with the first episode planned for 19th April – it aims to tackle the most topical issues concerning the world of work, in an engaging and genuine way, thanks also to contributions from “out of the box” guests. Famous personalities with successful careers will be interviewed to explain how they started off, how they took their first steps and what their CV would look like today if they had to complete it.  Doing this, among the witty exchanges and light-hearted chats, many answers will be provided for the questions candidates ask, thanks also to the examples of those who have been successful in their work.

«“Work and talent are an inseparable pair, and with Humangest we explored this theme using pop language that sounds a lot like me. I enjoyed filling in the CVs of these really amazing characters who have made history. Completing my own CV today? Well, that’s just what I imagine hell would be like! », declares Victoria Cabello, testimonial of the campaign and host of the NiceJob! format.

The campaign and the NiceJob! format were conceived and developed by the Armando Testa agency, who will also manage the selection of the guests for the talk show and recording the episodes, to be directed by Augusto Storero and produced by Armando Testa Studios.

«Like this we completed the CVs of personalities form the world of entertainment», comment Jacopo Morini and Fabiano Pagliara, Creative Directors from Armando Testa. «Being able to work with such an authoritative client was great, and in a such a “serious” sector as that of employment, they let us give a pop and entertaining slant to the communication».

The entire ad can be viewed on the Humangest site at the link:

Credits Armando Testa Group:

Creative Direction 

Jacopo Morini and Fabiano Pagliara

Client Direction 

Carlotta Paterlini


Armando Testa Studios


Augusto Storero

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