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Heaven chooses Armando Testa to launch its fresh sip of oats.

Heaven chooses Armando Testa  to launch its fresh sip of oats.

Heaven is a new Italian brand which specialises in in plant-based beverages,  based exclusively on oats, and they have chosen Armando Testa to launch their new integrated campaign

The insight that inspired the creative concept starts off from the assumption that we all share a desire to be happy and we can reach this goal by taking small steps in our everyday lives.

Heaven’s mission is to open a window onto a new better and inspiring day which is full of colour. Choosing Heaven means looking out of that window and enjoying a new day.

It is an invitation to take that first small step towards happiness, it is a good morning full of new intentions, a sincere voice that whispers in your ear “Have a nice day!”, or rather “Heaven a new day!”

That’s exactly what the ad describes.

Even the biggest change always starts off with a small, simple gesture, like looking up and discovering something new and unexpected.

What triggers all of this is the blue bird of Heaven which opens this new world to the main character.

And it does it by simply changing her point of view on everyday life, inviting her to “look up”. So even the black and white of daily grind becomes good and colourful with the first fresh sip of Heaven oats.

The “good” of Heaven is so contagious that it engages with everyone.   An employee staring at his PC monitor rediscovers the joy of a beautiful sunny day; an elderly man who stops at the same bench every day to leaf through his newspaper for the first time meets the smiling gaze of a woman he’d never noticed before.

At the end of the film the protagonist shares Heaven’s “good” with a little girl who, from the opposite building, is marvelling at the world as it takes on colours.

This integrated campaign is planned on TV and digital with 30″ and 15″ ads starting November 21, outdoor, on radio and on social channels.

Heaven is a good and light plant-based beverage made from oats, with no added sugar and naturally lactose-free. A fresh sip of oats, delicate and pleasant, can be found at the refrigerated counter in supermarkets.

The first step to a happier life, thanks to oats and their healthy properties.

In addition, producing oats is sustainable since it requires a very low consumption of water, CO2 emissions and land occupation.

To find Heaven, follow the blue bird in the refrigerated counter at the best supermarkets and try it in different references: Original, light and tasty to drink cold by the glass; Barista, creamy and ideal to add to coffee and cappuccino; Breakfast, with cinnamon and honey for a tasty breakfast.

Production Armando Testa Studios. Planning Media Italia.


Client: Heaven

Agency: Armando Testa

Creative direction: Jacopo Morini, Fabiano Pagliara

Creative team: Elisa Bellino, Laura Celli Volta

Production Company: Armando Testa Studios

Director: Augusto Storero

Music: Smider

Media: Media Italia

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