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Gran Café Paulista, winning back baristas with Lavazza and Armando Testa.

Gran Café Paulista, winning back baristas with Lavazza and Armando Testa.

The Lavazza icon has turned 60 and is back in communication with Armando Testa for the occasion.

This bond dates back to the years of Carosello, when the character of Paulista was created by the genius of Armando Testa. He immediately made him a TV and communication icon with his cherished Carmencita and Caballero. The unforgettable features of the Paulista Caffe were his body, his moustache and poncho decorated with a frieze designed by Armando. 

This relationship has now been renewed with the goal of a market relaunch of the famous Italian coffee dedicated to baristas: Gran Café Paulista. A single origin of prestigious Brazilian Arabica, faithful to tradition but renewed in the “sabor” thanks to the “Cereja Apassita”, which gives a sweet taste, and the slow and “delicate” roasting that preserves and enhances the aromas of the coffee. A sweet espresso with a contemporary taste, which satisfies the tastes of anyone’s palate, even the younger target and grown in Rainforest Alliance certified farms.

Paulist’s face which features on the packaging and on merchandising and in the communication has also become more contemporary thanks to Armando Testa.

The agency created all the POS materials, the press and digital campaign and a video for the Lavazza website distributed in Italy and soon also in international markets.

The video describes the evolution of the character starting off from the historical films of the 1960s. To the rhythm of a “conga” composed especially for this content, Paulista evolves from a drawing to 3D, while maintaining the style that has always distinguished it, to finally reveal today’s version.

So, with an engaging dance that never stops, the past and the present merge to bring all coffee lovers the “felicidad” that only an excellent espresso can give.


Client: Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.

Agency: Armando Testa S.p.A.

Executive creative direction: Michele Mariani
Creative direction: Federico Bonenti, Andrea Lantelme

Creative team: Tommaso Casarini, Stefano Arrigoni

Client service: Gina Graci

3D Modelling: Alessandro Falcioni for TABAdesign

Production company: Little Bull Studios

Music: Bobo Marcucci

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