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How is it possible that the word “boredom” appears in an Alfa Romeo ad?

Since we’ll be thinking so much about the images that it will be totally eliminated. We humans are constantly looking for ever more intense emotions.

And even when we succeed in reaching the maximum level of adrenaline, it is still not enough. We still look for a stronger emotion. Even more intense.

That’s why Alfa Romeo has created an emotion that outdoes even itself.

That’s why the new Giulia Veloce Q4 with the All Wheel drive system was created.

A car that combines sportiness with elegance and the all wheel 4-wheel drive.A car that guarantees great driving pleasure even when the weather conditions are not the best.

Snow, rain, winding roads are not a problem, quite the reverse they’re transformed into an adrenaline filled thrilling driving experience.

Power, stability, sporty driving, safety, italianness are just some of the ingredients that make up the character of the latest arrival in the Alfa Romeo “meccanica delle emozioni” range.

The creativity is by the Armando Testa agency with creative direction from Raffaele Balducci, production was handled by Movie Magic, directed by Jacques Steyn.

The campaign is running in Italy on TV, Radio, and Press and will also be launched at the international level in the main European countries.

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