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For the first time all the ultra technology of the best pads is contained in a Lines panty liner guaranteeing greater protection, this is the slimmest and most comfortable Intervallo ever.

A surprising and ironic hook, typical of the Testa school, plays with an amusing misunderstanding. The mood is fresh and contemporary, the attractive 30-something star is sitting on a sofa, and talking to a friend on her smartphone, without noticing that her new boyfriend has arrived. At last she has found “the right one” the only one who can make her feel “so protected and safe”. The boyfriend is sure that he is the subject of the conversation and smugly feels pleased with himself. Only when the woman invites her friend to give it a try, does the guy’s confidence begin to waver, then finally utterly collapses when he learns he is not the object of their conversation, but rather it is the Lines ultra panty liner.

The novelty lies in the guarantee of greater dryness with reduced thickness.

The demo explains this emphasising with realism the incredible power of a single ultra absorbent Lines particle This particle transforms a drop of liquid, considerably bigger than its volume, into a gel, so justifying the product promise: superior protection and up to twice as dry. In addition the demo highlights the comfort, flexibility and slimness of the new panyliner.

The final tender and joyful hug “so who’s going leave it!” sums up in a clearly complicit way the combination of the pleasure of having finally found both the right guy and the right panty liner.

In view of the release of the new Intervallo ad, an involving web initiative to attract the attention of the female web population was produced with a teaser effect.

Using the Lines Mania Facebook page, Lines has asked women to help them choose “The right one”, the male co-star of the ad. They could choose “the sporty one”, “the shy one” or “the philosopher ” who all described themselves with a fun video interview.

At the end of the 5-day survey, a new post invited the net to discover the winner. The co-star chosen was “the shy one” who thanked all the woman who’d voted for him with a friendly and original clip!

Creative director: Piero Reinerio,

Art director: Monica Barbalonga,

Copywriter: Chiara Demichelis,

Production company: Little Bull,

Director: Riccardo Grandi,

Planning: Media Italia.

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