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FATER – LINES SPECIALIST – subject. “Announcement”

FATER – LINES SPECIALIST – subject. “Announcement”

Lines has always been an expert on absorbency. From 20 December they are announcing(15″ TV on the main Italian channels), a new historical event: Lines Specialist, the innovative line of protection which “frees you from the worry of incontinence”. A wide range of advanced, specific solutions for any type of incontinence, from the lightest to the most severe!

This line is as reassuring and comfortable as it is discrete. Male and female models act as”testimonials” who use the different types of Lines Specialist protection in a super relaxed and elegant way. To do this in the most elegant and discrete way possible the testimonials are depicted as transparent crystal.

A view which is surprising as well as delicate and elegant, and it is accompanied by a gentle yet authoritative voice over which plays down this natural problem which is more and more common and issues an invitation to restart your social life feeling sure of yourself and relaxed thanks to a specific solution. The decision to use the products as items of clothing highlights the perfect comfort of the Lines Specialist protection and how well they fit.

With creative direction from Piero Reinerio, art director Tina Salvato and copywriter Mariarosa Galleano worked on this project. Production Company: Little Bull. Planning Media Italia.

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