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FATER – LINES SETA ULTRA 30”- 60” – Subject: Non Rinuncio. (I won’t give up)

FATER – LINES SETA ULTRA 30”- 60”  – Subject: Non Rinuncio. (I won’t give up)

From 8th May, Lines, the market leader, will be presenting a completely revolutionised – both for the prouct and the packaging – version of its panty towel to audiences. The launch is being developed using a multi-channel corporate and product campaign based on a female empowerment concept.

With this campaign Lines aims to not only present the revolutionary features of the new panty towel but also to contribute to removing the barriers which have always been an obstacle for women’s self assertion, helping them to feel more self confident and free to attain self-fulfilment.And it does so by issuing an invitation not to give up, not to sacrifice being the women they want to be, despite taboos and social and cultural prejudices.

The campaign lets lots of women of all ages and with personalities express themselves in their own way, with the aim of “not wanting to give up being a woman”. This is a new way to show Lines’ affinity with women helping them to live without giving things up and feeling free, even during the days when they have their period, thanks to the new Lines Seta Ultra.

The corporate video is running on the web in a 60” cut and on TV in two 30” formats. Two 30” ads with different images taken from the 60” and a demo which highlights the great innovation of the Dry-Fresh filter, drier and fresher than ever thanks to the exclusive micro&macro perforation technology, alternate on TV to present the new product.

With creative direction from Piero Reinerio, art director Tina Salvato and copywriter Chiara Demichelis worked on this project. Directed by Pierluca De Carlo. Production company Little Bull. Planning Media Italia.

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