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The new Lines è campaign “New Emotion” is currently airing on TV and the web in cuts of 40”, 30” and 5”.

In an elegant atmosphere with shades in black and white we see a beautiful ballerina dancing on the stage to the notes of refined, involving music. Her harmonious movements merge with the flow of a dense white material: it is the revolutionary Lactifless from Lines è.

The Lactifless spreads out on the stage and then solidifies to form the outline of the panty towel. The ballerina continues dancing while the characteristic absorbent holes of Lines è take shape. Her body moves in the passionate choreography, with gentle movements as she comes into contact with the Lactifless, because “No one else makes you feel so free.”

A close-up of her hand as it leaves its impression highlights just how soft the product is, because “No other panty towel in the world adapts to your body like Lactifless from Lines è.”

A shower of blue crystal drops is the common element running through all the scenes of the film, it comes to life and drops down on the Lactifless and then is quickly absorbed until it disappears, because “Nothing absorbs and protects you so much.”

The ballerina continues to dance gracefully in total freedom, ending her performance with an elegant frontal view of the splits. The Lactifless dissolves, the lighting changes and the scene becomes real and full colour. The audience is now visible thanks to the background lights, and applauds her stirring performance. That’s how we discover that the film represents an original metaphor for the exclusive sensations of freedom, comfort and confidence experienced when you wear Lines è: “Your new idea of freedom.”

With creative direction from Piero Reinerio art director Monica Barbalonga and copywriter Mariarosa Galleano worked on this project. Production Company: Little Bull. Director: Pierluca De Carlo. Planning by Media Italia.

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