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Esselunga and Armando Testa celebrate the value of saving

Esselunga and Armando Testa celebrate the value of saving

Mega installations, a podcast with Radio24 and an event with Gerry Scotti to rediscover the value of saving with Esselunga and Armando Testa

During a historical period like the one we are experiencing at the moment, saving has once again become “central” to our lives. It’s a value to be rediscovered and promoted, something to help us live better.

Esselunga, with the Armando Testa Group, decided to use their own style to celebrate this, organising an event on Thursday 8 September in Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan. The explosive warmth of Gerry Scotti and the professionalism of Debora Rosciani, well-known voice of Radio24, led the audience on a journey through Italians’ dreams, hopes and memories, all linked to the value of saving. There was also a video contribution created by Little Bull Studios of the Armando Testa Group, where people could have their say. 

There were lots of surprises during the event.

The two hosts unveiled an original installation: a mega lemon-purse, a symbol of the value of saving, and it will be on display until 11 September right in the middle of the square. At the same time, other mega installations designed by the Armando Testa agency were unveiled in 2 other squares in Milan (Piazza San Babila and Piazza XXIV Maggio) as well as a venue in Via Lagrange in Turin, which will be on display for a few days.

An outdoor campaign, planned by Media Italia near the squares involved in the project is also supporting the maxi installations. 

The Branded Content team of Armando Testa created a podcast produced by Radio 24 for the occasion. An exciting journey in 6 episodes to discover saving, featuring experts and children tackling various very up to the moment issues: from the high cost of living to the market rules, with lots of useful tips on how to save in everyday life.

You can access the podcast from the main digital platforms but also from the QR Codes on the mega installations.

This operation as a whole once again confirms Esselunga’s attention and sensitivity to current issues affecting consumers.


Executive Creative Direction: Michele Mariani

Branded content creative directors: Jacopo Morini and Fabiano Pagliara

Creative team: Barbara Ghiotti, Sara Greco, Gabriella De Stefano, Paolo Fenoglio

Client direction: Giovanni Sernia, Laura Alberti, Giulia Bresciani

Creative of maxi installations – Acone Associati 

Gae Aulenti event management – Prodea Group

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