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“And they lived tidily and happily ever after.” The new fairy-tale in the Tescoma campaign takes to the air with Armando Testa.

“And they lived tidily and happily ever after.” The new fairy-tale in the Tescoma campaign takes to the air with Armando Testa.

This time an animated little bird is the one to announce the news by chirping: the new subject that consolidates the success of the Tescoma campaign “Your home. Your story.” Since February 2021, the campaign’s been telling stories from the world of fairy tales about our every-day lives, set in the home, all created by Armando Testa. 

This 30” film is dedicated to Flexispace, one of Tescoma’s flagship products. Tescoma is a leading brand in the household utensils sector. Designed for anyone who’s always dreamed of the perfect well-organised kitchen, Flexispace is a modular line of items for storing cutlery, accessories, pans and lids in kitchen drawers and cupboards. With an added value: once you have simply accessed the Tescoma website, you can use a configurator to enter the measurements of your space and immediately view “tailor made” solutions

A real magical little helper and as in the best tradition of fairy tales, the agency decided to represent it with a stylistic figure somewhere between live action and animation, drawing the characters of small, colourful animals. A chirping flock of sparrows that fly in through the window carrying (as a gift) the cutlery tray, and a sweet little squirrel, the first to be enchanted by the result obtained with Flexispace.  A style merging real and fantastic: the same combination, real and fantastic, that is typical of every Tescoma product. 

The integrated campaign for Flexispace will start in periodicals and newspapers on 2 June and will continue on air on TV from 5 June, and will also be online on second screens from 6 June. It also features on YouTube in June and July and in Dooh on GoTV on main Italian stations.

The film was made by Little Bull Studios, directed by Augusto Storero and with the support of Magoga S.r.l. for the character creation and animation part. Collaboration with Opera Music for the musical part and the sound effects of the animals continues. The fairy tale of the tidy kitchen is a reality with Flexispace, and it shows us that, to get a truly happy ending, it might be better to leave your window open.


Creative direction: Michela Sartorio and Monica Pirocca

Creative team: Giorgia Giuliano

Client director: Benedetta Buzzoni

Account: Francesca Toschi

Production Company: Little Bull Studios 

Director: Augusto Storero

Production Company (for animation): Magoga S.r.l 

Illustrator: Christian Cornia

Press campaign shots: Gabriele Inzaghi

Music: My Poetry Field, original track by Opera Music

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