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Daikin and Armando Testa: together again for pure well-being

Daikin and Armando Testa: together again for pure well-being

With the launch of the new Emura air conditioner, the roads of Daikin and Armando Testa cross once again.                                                                                                                                         A welcome return for the Agency, chosen as creative partner after winning a pitch. The campaign has just got underway on digital channels and magazines.

The idea was to focus on a highly symbolic film to describe the new Daikin air conditioner, which is a true jewel of design and technology. 

A young female enters the scene, she’s in a house with high walls, made of natural materials and surrounded by greenery, she then sits down on an elegant sofa. An apparently everyday action until she uses her remote control to turn on Emura: at this point, in a completely unexpected and spectacular way, she begins to fly high around the room.

The fresh air coming from the air conditioner relaxes her and lifts her up. Literally. A feeling of new purity, that “beautiful breath for you and for the environment” generated every time thanks to the product features: absolute silence, low impact, energy saving.

The dance in the air finally comes to an end with the key frame of the campaign: the protagonist suspended against the sky, in the centre of her living room without a ceiling. The peak of pure well-being

The campaign was produced by Little Bull Studios and planned by Media Italia. 

Credits Armando Testa:

Executive Creative Direction: Michele Mariani.

Creative Direction: Federico Bonenti, Andrea Lantelme. 

Client Service: Tiziano Travo, Martina Conterio.

Production Company: Little Bull Studios

Director: Giorgio Neri.

Photography: Andrea Melcangi.

Music Production Company: Opera Music.

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