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Costa D’Oro and Armando Testa, together once again

Costa D’Oro and Armando Testa, together once again

Olio Costa d’Oro is communicating again on TV and online, together with Armando Testa. The Spoleto-based company has decided to return to communication with its hero product:  Il Grezzo Costa d’Oro. The unfiltered oil is obtained only from Italian olives, from a chain traced to each individual production mill. A genuine product that reaches our tables “just as it is”.

Armando Testa Agency’s creative idea originates from this very fact. After an establishing shot on the famous “coast”, the Umbrian hills, where Costa d’Oro is based, the film once more describes a symbolic journey “from hand to hand” between the final producer in the supply chain and a woman who directly receives a bottle of freshly squeezed Grezzo Costa d’Oro. At this point, she places it in the centre of a beautifully set table in the countryside in the shade of an olive tree, where a group of friends is happily enjoying lunch. This is the last scene before the final frame where we see the complete range of unfiltered oils which includes Whole Wheat and Organic with the coast we saw at the beginning in the background once again.

As the claim states, this film features the historic product Il Grezzo to certify the quality of Costa d’Oro. This has been the emblem to personify the company’s field of excellence ‘for 20 years specialists for the unfiltered’.


Creative Direction: Federico Bonenti and Andrea Lantelme

Client Director: Benedetta Buzzoni

Production Company: Armando Testa Studios

Director: Federico Brugia

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