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With Tesori D’Oriente and InTesta, every day is an enchanted journey for your senses.

With Tesori D’Oriente and InTesta, every day is an enchanted journey for your senses.

We all know that a perfume can stimulate and enshroud all our senses. It has an evocative and almost hypnotic power that lets us get in touch with our deepest emotions, escaping for a moment form the here and now. 

But only a few perfumes have the power to let us travel and transport us far off to a dimension of pure wellbeing, giving us a sensation of pleasure and harmony and letting us experience a precious journey for our senses. 
Which ones? They’re the perfumes that encompass a culture and tradition, memories and even desire. They’re the Tesori d’Oriente fragrances.

This is the insight behind the new TV campaign created by inTesta –Armando Testa Group, for the iconic Italian brand that, for 25 years has been inspired by ancient well-being rituals from oriental wisdom to create all-embracing and inimitable essences that evoke the charm of distant lands. 

The underlying idea of the campaign is precisely that – a journey triggered by the perfume: a multi- dimensional and multi-sensory experience, but incredibly true, precisely because it can stimulate all five senses.  Spaying the Tesori d’Oriente perfumes on herself, the star of the video sets off on an exciting and immersive adventure, which will lead her to discover enchanting places, full of charm, history and culture. 

A journey that starts off again every time, as she follows her pathway and discovers a new fragrance. 

Why do we all need such an experience? Because, often caught up in our daily routines, we forget the importance of taking a minute out and dedicating a precious moment for ourselves. Treating ourselves to a well-being ritual that nourishes our body and soul with emotions. Starting off from the sense of smell.  

At the beginning of the video, we see the protagonist, overwhelmed by the stress of everyday life. She sits down on a bench looking like someone who really needs to escape. It is precisely at that moment that she pulls her Tesori d’Oriente Hammam out of her bag and as she sprays it, she is literally transported afar.  We rediscover her in Morocco, enjoying a relaxing moment in a wonderful swimming pool of a riad shrouded in flower petals. This is the setting where she discovers another fragrance: Ayurveda, and, as if under a spell it transports her to an Indian market where she discovers traditional colours, spices and perfumes. And to finish off, here she discovers Muschio Bianco which in a flash will catapult her to a wonderful mountain wood where the serenity and freshness of nature all around  intoxicates her. 

But like every journey, sooner or later, the experience draws to a close.  At the end of the video the protagonist is back where we left her – in the city – but we can clearly see on her face that she is relaxed with an expression of well-being. All of a sudden, we discover that the woman is not alone as we’d thought. There’s someone sitting on the bench, not far from her, who is looking at her, curious to find out what an incredible experience she’s had. That’s the very moment when the woman decides to share her well-being, by spontaneously offering her Tesori d’Oriental perfume to the stranger next to her. For him too this will mark the beginning of a new, precious journey of the senses.

The planning also means that the brand can introduce the latest ritual developed by the Tesori d’Oriente experience, the Karma ritual, inspired by the Hindu tradition, celebrating the power of kindness. 

The TV campaign, directed by Michele Bizzi, includes 30’’and 20’’videos and is also supported by a press campaign, POP and digital with video cuts of 15’’ and 10’’.  


• Agency: InTesta – Armando Testa Group

• Executive Creative Directors: Nicola Cellemme, Georgia Ferraro

• Creative Team: Chiara Panattoni, Carlotta Gilardi

• Client Director: Laura Alberti

• Account Executive: Erika Gentile 

• Production company: Albatros Film

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