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With BioNike and InTesta, it’s time to widen the horizons of your beauty.

With BioNike and InTesta, it’s time to widen the horizons of your beauty.

The first wrinkles, the loss of tone, luminosity and elasticity…the closer a woman comes to a mature age, the more she might feel that the horizon of beauty, appearing less glowing and fresh than it used to,  is approaching. But why should a woman’s age mark the limits of her beauty?

The passage of time leads a woman to see her own horizon of beauty with fear and distrust. It’s time to reconsider this concept from a new point of view and enhance your skin with the most suitable treatments for every season of your life. Only in this way can a new horizon open in before you – much wider and more aware – that you can now look at, and face the passage of time with positivity and confidence.

“Widen the horizon of your beauty” is the concept at the base of the BioNike campaign, created by InTesta – Armando Testa Group, for the new communication of the entire range of Defence My Age, the specific dermo-cosmetic treatments to enhance the quality of any woman’s skin, depending on her age.

In the video, three women from 40 to 60 move around in pleasant, ethereal setting, featuring wide open panoramas and natural elements. We watch them as they walk on mirrors resting on a stretch of water and look at the horizon – a metaphorical symbol of life – stretching out before them, with the pride of those who are aware that each age has its beauty.

Each setting is characterised by a different coloured sky, a symbolic representation of the colours of the various product lines but also of the different phases in a woman’s life.  A woman able to look at progress of time by widening not only her idea of beauty but also her approach to skincare; and able to take care of her skin with products developed for her needs: reactive the over 40s, renewing it after 50 and reinforcing it once you’ve passed 60.

The TV campaign, directed by Giorgio Neri, includes a TV ad featuring the whole range and three specific ads for each of the product lines: Defence My Age Pearl for women 40 and above, Defence My Age for those over 50 and Defence My Age Gold, for over 60s.

The 20’’ TV ad dedicated to communication of the entire range has been on air since 15 October. The entire communication of BioNike Defence My Age is supported by a press campaign, POP and digital, with shorter cuts for social channels.


• Agency InTesta – Armando Testa Group

• Executive Creative Directors: Nicola Cellemme, Georgia Ferraro

• Creative Team: Chiara Panattoni, Carlotta Gilardi

• Client Director: Laura Alberti

• Account Executive: Erika Gentile

• Production Company: Albatros Film

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