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Claudio Marchisio, dad and top-level sportsman, is now the face chosen by Chicco for one of their Christmas campaign ads, on air on all the national networks since November.

Chicco has always been keen on getting closer to sports, with toys conceived to allow even the smallest kids to have fun and follow their passions with parents and friends.

Claudio Marchisio is the perfect embodiment of the positive values sport teaches:

Playing is one of the most important experiences for kids and when they have fun doing so then it contributes to increasing their passion for movement and sport. We are happy today to be able to announce that Claudio Marchisio is the new testimonial of the Christmas toys campaign ” comments Beatrice Colosio, Communication&Digital Manager Chicco Italia.

All kids love playing and with their toys and fun kids can experience great adventures, stimulate their creativity, imagination and consolidate their manual and logical skills.

During the festive season they encounter even more stimuli for their creativity, more opportunities for fun and more time to dedicate to games and sharing with all the family.

In the new ad Claudio Marchisio is shown in his role as a daddy, struggling with his two kids playing with some of Chicco’s new toys: the Jungle Rugby sports centre and the electronic football game Goal League.

The campaign was created by the Armando Testa Agency.


Brand dedicated 360° to the world of kids. It offers specific and safe choices to always be right by the side of parents in the unique, extraordinary journey they experience as their baby grows day by day right from birth. For more than 60 years Chicco is “Dove c’è un bambino” (Where there is a child): thanks to its Osservatorio, it can engage with parents, observe kids and collaborate continuously with experts and with the medical and scientific world, so it is close to parents and families to listen to them and provide them with simple and effective answers. Chicco is one of the top 10 Italian mass-market brands in the world; it is present in more than 120 countries and is always growing.

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What’s more beautiful than a baby who’s playing? This is just the sensation that you experience in the subjects of the new Chicco campaign created by Armando Testa.

A campaign created in Italy for Italy, but also planned for TV in Europe and USA.

The director is the Catalan Elena Trapè who knew exactly how to illustrate real moments of kids at play and learning, enjoying real fun involving adults and kids.

The campaign also features the educational aspects of Chicco toys: a hobby table, the grown-ups’

tablet Happy Tab “Talent Edition”, Driver 500, Lello il Carrello, (Lello the Cart)

RoboChicco, the legendary Baby Rodeo and the Football Goalmouth from the Fit&Fun line.

This subject which is connected to football its education and socialising aspects we find the little camel Juventus midfielder, Claudio Marchisio, because sport and its values are important at any age and because “Man doesn’t stop playing because he gets old, but he gets old because he stops playing.”


Agency Armando Testa di Torino

Client Account Tiziana Perotti

Client Service Lucia Scaffardi, Chiara Tosto

Creative Direction Vincenzo Celli

Production Company FilmMaster

Director Elena Trapè

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