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If you use it, you know: there’s no sanitary pad like Lines è. That’s what brand lovers say. Created by Armando Testa.

If you use it, you know: there’s no sanitary pad like Lines è. That’s what brand lovers say. Created by Armando Testa.

Can a sanitary pad be more than just a sanitary pad? It certainly can, if it is Lines è

And who better to confirm this than the women who actually use them?

Starting from this insight Lines è is communicating again thanks to the creativity of the Armando Testa agency, with an integrated campaign, entirely dedicated to product storytelling and user experience.

Lines è lovers are the ones who, with their spontaneous simplicity, explain to us why Lines è cannot be compared to all other sanitary protection. These are four real testimonials who love the pads because they offer something more than other competitors on the market. Lines è is actually the most innovative because it is the only one made of Lactifless, it is the most absorbent and now also has extra odour protection.

The tone of voice is dynamic, colourful and modern treatment as the four protagonists describe their experience with Lines è, without forgetting its special features. This is a new approach for the brand both in describing the product – with a look and feel that’s almost high tech – and relating to their audience.

« This campaign returns to the format of using real testimonials and demonstrates that LINES approach to constantly listening to women to understand the different needs they express is real – says Ione Volpe, FemCare & AdultCare Marketing Director – As a brand we use our research to listen to around 10,000 women every year and the indications we receive guide the development of increasingly innovative and high performing products and direct our commitment to support women for female empowerment and in the fight against gender stereotypes »

The claim states: “It is more than a sanitary pad, it is Lines è”. The new campaign is on air and consists of two 20” TV subjects, one dedicated to the night time product, plus a related digital and social campaign. Native content will also be published on Tik Tok, developed by the young creator Camilla Fracasso, one of the four protagonists.

In addition, this campaign also offers an opportunity to launch something new: a completely revised logo animation that will be featured in all forthcoming brand communications. The famous framed woman’s eyes – always been an unmistakable symbol of Lines – have finally come to life today. From one campaign to another they will be the concrete representation of the different eyes of Lines women, to create an even more empathic bond with all consumers and to reaffirm how much the brand is on their side.

Planning entrusted to Media Italia. Production by Armando Testa Studios directed by Valentina Be.


Fater Marketing Team– Lines

• General Manager: Antonio Fazzari

• Marketing Director: Ione Volpe

• Head of Marketing Lines & Tampax: Mariaelena D’Ippolito

• Brand and Digital Manager: Michela Iampieri                     

Agency: Armando Testa

• Executive Creative Directors: Georgia Ferraro, Nicola Cellemme

• Creative Team: Chiara Panattoni, Carlotta Gilardi, Lorenzo Blangiardo, Wanda Napoletano

• Account Team: Raffaele Reinerio, Cristina Omenetto, Arianna Cipolloni

Production Company

Production Company: Armando Testa Studios

Director: Valentina Be

Media Centre: Media Italia 

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