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Bontà Pronte in the Hit Parade, with Riso Gallo and Armando Testa

Bontà Pronte in the Hit Parade, with Riso Gallo and Armando Testa

Riso Gallo is one of the biggest rice mills in Europe and one of the oldest rice industries in Italy, and they are launching their first radio campaign during the most musical week of the year, the Sanremo Festival. 

The rooster, testimonial of the company, takes on the role of a singer, performing a song dedicated to Bontà Pronte, the delicious rice-based recipes, which are ready in two minutes

In a wild can-can the legendary brand Ambassador sings of the virtues of the product, in no time at all and with a pinch of imagination you can create great dishes from it to enjoy immediately.

The campaign is developed in 3 subjects dedicated to Paella, Basmati and Cereal specialties, Gallo Nero and Gallo Rosso.

In 30 ” radio ads will air from 31 January to 18 February on the main stations in the Radio Rai group, at the same time as the songs in the Sanremo Festival. 


Client: Riso Gallo S.p.A.

Agency: Armando Testa

Executive Creative Director: Michele Mariani

Creative Team: Dario D’Angelo, Daniele Bona

Client Service: Gina Graci

Digital Client Service: Federica Cartocci

Production Company: The Producers

Rooster’s voice: Paolo de Santis

Music: Bobo Marcucci

Media Planning: Asset Media

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