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Bianca Atzei is the new Ambassador of Aptamil 2.

<strong>Bianca Atzei is the new Ambassador of Aptamil 2.</strong>

Danone has entrusted Armando Testa with the communication for their brand Aptamil2 and it includes an exceptional partnership: the brand has started collaborating with Bianca Atzei, the Italian singer who has recently become a mum. She now becomes the new brand ambassador.

«We chose Bianca Atzei as the ambassador for Aptamil 2 because we believe that thanks to her personal experience as a new parent, she’ll be able to communicate our brand values to our target in an authentic way» adds Yoann Steri, Digital and Data Director Danone Italy

Right from the start Bianca Atzei started to share her experience as little Noa’s mum with her more than 920 thousand followers on Instagram in an authentic and delicate way, paying attention to her audience. These are the values that the brand and the artist share and led to this important collaboration.

Bianca Atzei describes her personal experience as a new mum and her relationship with   Aptamil 2 formula milk.

I started using Aptamil 2 after it was recommended by my paediatrician. I feel totally confident giving my son   Aptamil follow-on milk to help him grow because I know how important research is for a company that, for years, has had the needs of our children at heart. I am proud to belong to this great family.”

Bianca Atzei declares

The collaboration will help promote the whole Aptamil 2 range– which has always offered specific cutting-edge products to suit every need and is inspired by more than 50 years’ research into breast milk – but also to better publicise new products: the revolutionary Aptamil Tabs 2 format: the first and only milk in pre-dosed tabs.

Why does this represent a revolution in preparing baby’s bottle?

  • The precise dose of the pre-measured tabs makes preparing a bottle at any time of the day, so much easier. From the first bottle of the morning to the last one at night, at home or out of home;
  • The tabs have been created using advanced technology, using compressed air-compact powder, without adding other ingredients, and they dissolve quickly;
  • As a result, the bottle is easier to prepare with less product waste compared with powder formula.

Discover the whole range of Aptamil 2 follow-on milks:

  • Aptamil Profutura 2, our best formula inspired by research on breast milk.
  • Aptamil Nutribiotik 2, the innovative formula to support your immune system.  
  • Aptamil Tabs 2, the only follow-on milk in pre-dosed tabs to make it easier to prepare baby’s bottle at any time of the day.

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