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Armando Testa side by side with the Unione Industriali Torino to celebrate Turin Capital of business culture 2024

Armando Testa side by side with the Unione Industriali Torino to celebrate Turin Capital of business culture 2024

Turin has been awarded the title of Capital of Business Culture 2024 and to celebrate this and promote its programme of activities, the historical local agency Armando Testa decided to join the team alongside Unione Industriali Torino, by offering the association and all Turin residents a communication campaign dedicated to the event.

This recognition represents a unique opportunity to promote the capital of Piedmont, a moment to attract the attention of a wide audience, ranging from the various national players in the economic, productive and financial world, encompassing the university and academia, and even the entire city community.

Turin is undergoing a transformation phase: its traditional role as a city of automobiles has been evolving, and today the city is presented as a centre for new synergies, a forward-looking vital pole, in a position to offer whatever anyone doing business needs: skills, spaces, materials, infrastructure, means. Aspects that all come together to make a system and create something new.

The goal of this new pathway undertaken by the city is to give “new form” to innovation and the Armando Testa agency, which has always been sensitive to the issue, started off from that very concept to develop its creative idea. It developed a multi-subject campaign with strong visual impact featuring iconic symbols of the city that come together to describe the different sectors where Turin is rewriting its own future: aerospace, biotechnology, start-ups ups etc. Three specific emblems demonstrate innovation and contemporary industrial activity – a mechanical arm, a microscope and a satellite – and they form their shapes by combining with a series of typical urban and architectural features.  Images of the Mole Antonelliana, Palazzo Carignano, the Car Museum, the skyscraper of the Piedmont Region, the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce, the colonnade of via Roma, the Lavazza Nuvola, the Murazzi, of Piazza Castello, the Royal Gardens, the Palatine Gate, the Faro della Vittoria, the Lingotto bubble, Porta Nuova, the Monument of Emanuele Filiberto, the Statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi, a Toret, the Galileo Ferraris National Electrotechnical Institute were all used to create the compositions.                                                                                                                                                      

This communication project reflects the very personality of Turin and stands out thanks the vision which Armando Testa has always conveyed  with distinctive and contemporary language, ensuring the campaign can be  developed for newspapers, social channels and city outdoor.

Marco Testa, president and CEO of the Armando Testa Group, comments: “We are very proud to be able to offer our work at the service of this special occasion, since we’ve always shared a strong bond with the city and the local area. We like to think of creativity as a powerful driver for the economic development of businesses, and promoting the Unione Industriali Turin means promoting an innovative entrepreneurial system that works for the economic, social and cultural growth of a fundamental area of the country.”

The president of Unione Industriali Torino, Giorgio Marsiaj, underlines the importance of the partnership “with a business that embodies the very values that have earned Turin the title of Capital of business culture 2024. The Armando Testa agency is one of those Turin excellences that have left their mark and continue to write the entrepreneurial history of the city. We are really pleased to be able to count on a campaign created by Armando Testa to draw the public’s attention to this year which is so important for us and I am personally grateful to Marco Testa for his willingness to allow the Unione Industriali Turin and the entire community to take benefit from the agency’s expertise.” 

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