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Danone’s Aptamil 2 and Armando Testa together for the new baby milk campaign making a big return to TV.

<strong>Danone’s Aptamil 2 and Armando Testa together for the new baby milk campaign making a big return to TV.</strong>

Armando Testa has been the reference point creative agency since January 2023 for the Danone group brands Aptamil, Mellin and Nutricia, respectively specialized in 0-3 baby food and specialized nutrition.

As part of this collaboration Danone and Armando Testa have worked together to develop the new TV and digital campaign oriented at repositioning the brand Aptamil 2, with more focus on balancing the two distinct features of the brand which are essential for effective communication in the market of milk formulas: scientific authority and empathy.

The ad, There’s much more in a drop of Aptamil 2, is a journey showing the values that have always driven the brand: more than fifty years of scientific research inspired by breast milk, the experience of their experts in recommending the most suitable product and the great care and attention of both a parent for their child and of the brand, as demonstrated every day with their products and activities.   Undoubtedly mothers’ milk is the ideal food for breast feeding and should be the first choice and used as long as possible during breastfeeding and the following year, but for someone who is not able to do so, the company has made available their fifty years of scientific research and their products.  

 “The objective of this campaign was to give a 360° overview of all the science and research which have always been fundament to the philosophy of Aptamil 2, maintaining a tone of empathy which is vital for this product category.  We want to convey trust and reassure parents in the crucial moment when they are feeding their child.  All of us at Danone, make a commitment with Aptamil 2, to be close to them throughout this journey, which plays an important role in the health of their baby. With this campaign we will succeed in reaching more than 75% of our target thanks to precise and targeted planning.” adds Marco Falsetti, Specialized Nutrition Unit Director of Danone Italy.

The ad has been made in four cuts of 30’’, 20’’, 15’’ and 6’’ and is planned on main TV networks and all digital and social channels. 

Media planning managed by Mindshare. 

“Collaborating with a company such as Danone, particularly working on brands as important as Aptamil, Mellin and Nutricia, is certainly a matter of pride for the agency. For the Aptamil follow-on milks, specially, we had the opportunity to develop a campaign which talks about not only a top-quality product but also expresses the value journey of a brand that stands out in its category for their great attention to research and science, without forgetting their closeness to parents in the most important moments in the lives of their babies.   The creative team and director paid extreme care to even the smallest detail when making the film. The goal was to underline all the years of research the brand undertakes for its products, and in this context highlight also the great humanity and closeness to the people, using an emotional approach which could reassure and make all new parents heroes of the Aptamil story” – the Armando Testa team.


Agency: Armando Testa Group 

Executive creative direction: Nicola Cellemme and Georgia Ferraro 

Creative team: Roberto Capodanno, Davide Carretta 

Social Media Manager: Eleonora Valerisce 

Account Director: Raffaele Reinerio 

Account team: Carlotta Paterlini, Marco Cincotto 

Production company: Armando Testa Studios 

Director: Nico Malaspina 

DOP: Marcello Merletto 

Post-production: Mirko Berti, Matteo Mondino 

Photographer: Massimo Bellotto 

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