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The first major Esselunga institutional campaign makes its debut on 9thFebruary: “The more you know it, the more you’ll fall in love”, now adds a new chapter to the story of the Food Company.
With this TV flight we will get to know Esselunga’s Fish department better with its amazing variety of fish selected and checked every day and the goodness of their ready to cook dishes.
There’s also space for Esselunga’s sushi production, top quality choice ingredients such as traditional Yume Nishiki rice grown in Italy are all shown.

The key elements of the institutional ad, bakery, gastronomy and e-commerce remain the stars of this new spot:
The pay off: “The more you know it, the more you’ll fall in love” was developed for a campaign that aims to strengthen the bond between the brand and those who are already customers, but alsowithanyone who is not yet a customer to make them “fall in love” with Esselunga. The key frames are the “S” made with top quality ingredients and the beautiful, elegant images, thanks to which we can almost sense the goodness and scents of Esselunga products.
The music is another aspect of continuity, with the adaptation of a great Italian track: “Che cosa c’è”by Gino Paoli.

“The best moments of this campaign actually came about talking to the people who work in Esselunga every day, they were able to convey their passion and the love they put into their work, and that’s why”, continues creative director Jacopo Morini, “in addition to giving a true portrayal of their experience in the commercials, the interviews you can see on the Esselunga website and social networks make an important contribution to this campaign”.

This campaign is the result of a great team effort that involved all minds of the Armando Testa Group, right from the Executive Creative Director Michele Mariani, with the support of copy from Creative Director Michela Sartorio.
Little Bull, the Group’s studios, produced a video strategy that created video content for all the consumer touch points, while media planning was handled by Media Italia.


Executive Creative Director: Michele Mariani

Creative Director: Jacopo Morini

Copy Creative Director: Michela Sartorio 

Creative Team: Barbara Ghiotti – Fabiano Pagliara – Sara Greco

Client Direction: Giovanni Sernia, Laura Alberti

Media Planning: Media Italia

Production Company: BRW 

Director: Ago Panini

Production Company for video-strategy contents: Little Bull

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