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Amaro Montenegro launches the campaign “Friendship Calling”. The new integrated campaign created by Armando Testa, celebrates the “true flavor” of friendship

Amaro Montenegro launches the campaign “Friendship Calling”. The new integrated campaign created by Armando Testa, celebrates the “true flavor” of friendship

It’s called Friendship Calling and it’s Amaro Montenegro’s new 100% sound-based communication campaign, created by the Armando Testa agency with creative direction from Jacopo Morini and Fabiano Pagliara.  Airing on main networks (Rai, Mediaset, Cairo, Sky, Discovery and Dazn), the TV planning for the new ad runs to the end of December in cuts of 30’’ and 15’’. For the first time it is also featured on radio with multi-subjects. In a world full of noise what rings out loudest and clearest is the call of friendship: this is the underlying idea of Amaro Montenegro’s new integrated campaign which celebrates the brand values in an innovative way, making the iconic sound logo the star.

A lift opening, the distracted whistle from a taxi driver, a radio blaring out in a barber’s shop, a dream catcher tinkling under a veranda, the soundtrack of a videogame. They might seem like simple sounds, but they actually reproduce the six notes of the Amaro Montenegro sound logo: it is the call of friendship, the moment when you join your friends for an authentic celebratory drink.

The sound logo is a key asset for the brand, together with the famous pay off Sapore Vero, and once more it has become central to Amaro Montenegro’s communication, precisely at a moment when the exponential increase in sound-related touchpoints means that there are many more ways to develop innovative and creative content. 

Numerous purposely designed contents are also planned for the digital environment showing how central the sound element is, and developing it using the language ​​and grammar of the different platforms. The creativity designed to reach specific targets, is based on awareness and consideration objectives, and will be online on Netflix, Spotify, Meta and Youtube with impactful and engaging formats.

All contents were managed by the production company The Box, with Tommaso Bertè director for TV, and Manfredo Archinto for digital. Planning was managed by Wavemaker.


Client: Montenegro Group 

Marketing and New Businesses Director: Gianluca Monaco

Marketing Manager Core Brands: Daniele De Angelis

Brand Manager Amaro Montenegro: Marco Leonzi

Agency: Armando Testa

Creative direction: Jacopo Morini, Fabiano Pagliara

Creative team: Gabriella De Stefano, Paolo Fenoglio, Matteo Giachin Ricca

Social Media Manager: Fabio Cuscunà 

Production company: The Box

Executive Producer: Antonio Cappuzzello

Producer: Alice Crovato

Director: Tommaso Bertè

Director digital contents: Manfredo Archinto

DOP: Leandro Ferrao

Stylist: Ingrid Pastore

Art direction: Gaia De Marinis

Editor: Marcello Saurino

Colorist: Daniel Palluca

Musica: Smider

Media: Wavemaker

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