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AMARO MONTENEGRO AND THE ARMANDO TESTA GROUP CREATE A VIDEO TO DESCRIBE THE   VERI BARTENDERS AND TO LAUNCH THE CONTEST BE THE VERO BARTENDER – THE TALENT The contest from Amaro Montenegro Be The Vero Bartender – The Talent is underway again and for its launch Amaro Montenegro created a video describing the skills of real, authentic bartenders who are modern heroes. The video has been online since mid-June on the site and there are two different short cuts on the brand’s social channels and trade web magazines. The objective is to back up the recruitment drive for the second edition of Be The Vero Bartender – The Talent. This engaging competition includes technical and practical tests and the the winner who succeeds in creating the best Twist on a Classic with an Amaro Montenegro base, gets to join the Bar Convent Berlin 2017. The launch video is a manifesto which shows an aspirational, friendly and empathetic image of a real bartender: a strong and reassuring personality, ready to tackle the stresses of the rhythm of life behind the bar whatever the situation. The creative concept was developed by the Armando Testa Group, and it tells the story of three professionals and their authentic talents which they develop shake after shake. Three well-known personalities who are close to the target, embody the brand values turning into a Vero Artista (Daniele Gentili), who creates amazing masterpieces every day; a Vero Gentleman (Mattia Pastori), who wins over his clients with just the smallest gesture; a Vero Macho (Federica Bernardis) who knows how to handle even the most complicated situations; and a Vero Amico (Daniele Gentili), who listens to his clients even up to the first light of dawn. With creative direction from Jacopo Morini, copywriter Roberta Montagnoli and art director Silvia Bruno worked on this project for the Armando Testa Group. Video production handled by Diaviva with director Luca Robecchi. The contest launched in the video is a follow-up to the Masterclass Be The Vero Bartender tour, which involved the best nightlife bars in eight Italian cities in collaboration with internationally renowned mixologists. AMARO MONTENEGRO It was in 1885, and after long, painstaking experiments carried out by Stanislao Cobianchi, a native of Bologna, that one of the most famous symbols of Italian liqueur traditions was created, Amaro Montenegro. A legend whose unique qualities remain unaltered for more than 130 years making Amaro Montenegro the number one amaro in Italy. Even its very bottle, with its curvy innovative lines, has remained unchanged, and has made Amaro Montenegro stand out over the years, conserving its character just as jealously as its flavour. Amaro Montenegro is still prepared today using the traditional recipe, consisting of more than 40 expertly selected and blended herbs, spices and citrus fruits; this formula and process have been secretly guarded for more than a century and they endow Amaro Montenegro with an unmistakeable flavour and extraordinary complexity. Thanks to these unique features in its organoleptic profile, Amaro Montenegro is a surprising and versatile ingredient for innovative cocktails or for a twist on the great classics which have already set a trend in the mixology world both in Italy and abroad. Amaro Montenegro, sapore vero. (Genuine Taste). MONTENEGRO GROUP Founded in 1885, the Montenegro Group is a leading Italian enterprise in the food and alcoholic beverage sectors. It is proud of its brands which have always occupied a special place in Italians’ minds: Amaro Montenegro, Vecchia Romagna, Infusi Bonomelli, Thè Infrè, Olio Cuore, Spezie Cannamela, Polenta Valsugana, Pizza Catarì. Iconic symbols of “Made in Italy” representing to the best on-going research for excellence while respecting tradition and playing particular attention to the quality of the products and their sustainability which have always been the hallmark of the Montenegro Group. Thanks to their solid national and international distribution network, the brands in the Group are acknowledged today as real ambassadors of Italian culture and tradition. Information for the press: Gruppo Armando Testa Nini Collini – – tel. 02 48082315-6 – cel. 335 7175227 Hill+Knowlton Strategies Milano Anna Lisa Margheriti – – t. 348 2300285 Francesca Forni – – t. 340 5234333
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