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All the energy of segnoVerde in the new campaign created by Armando Testa

All the energy of segnoVerde in the new campaign created by Armando Testa

SegnoVerde, a brand in the Canarbino Group, is a supplier of 100% green gas and electricity, and they are now launching their new integrated communication campaign created, by Armando Testa. 

Once again music is the star of the new creativity. This time, the advantages of the segnoVerde as an electricity and gas supplier are played out to the rhythm of one of the most popular, catchy tunes of all time: “Vamos a la playa” by Righeira, reinterpreted in an ironic way, now the stand-out point of the brand’s communication.

The protagonists of the commercial sing and dance to the notes of Righeira’s unmistakable bass, during all the times in our daily life when we use gas and electricity, highlighting the role of the brand. The result is a message that is conveyed in a direct and immediate way and, above all, capable of sticking in the viewer’s mind.

The campaign consists of TV ads, radio and a dedicated digital ecosystem, and will be launched from Sunday, April 14.

“Since we are dealing with segnoVerde, we had no choice but to choose an evergreen song,” comment Jacopo Morini and Fabiano Pagliara, Armando Testa Group creative directors behind the new campaign.

The brand has always been sensitive to the needs of consumers, once again shows its ability to ensure a reduction in energy costs, a topic that is more relevant today than ever.

From one side, the campaign is an invitation to join the Free Market for Gas and Electricity; on the other hand, presenting the advantages of segnoVerde offers that lets you save on electricity and gas supply.

Armando Testa Studios handled production, while strategy and media planning were managed by Media Italia.

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