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Alessandro Peroncini joins Armando Testa as Chief Innovation Officer.

Alessandro Peroncini joins Armando Testa as Chief Innovation Officer.

After his lengthy experience in Wunderman Thompson, Peroncini has joined Armando Testa where he has been tasked with coordinating the team of project managers, managing technological projects, as well as the Social Media Managers teams.

“I’m very happy to tackle this challenge in a company full of charm and with great tradition in the world of Italian communication”, says Alessandro Peroncini.

“As an expert and big fan of technology, over recent years I’ve seen an incredible acceleration in digital transformation and service design. These are vital areas for the future of companies who want to focus on innovation for their continued growth and competitive edge. 

That’s why I was enthusiastic to join the Armando Testa team and to make my contribution to the growth of this important company which successfully combines consultancy, creativity and expert technological skills.

I began my long experience in the web world as a developer, then continued as a project manager, coordinating a team of project managers and managing technology projects to support clients in meeting the challenges of digital transformation “.

“We’ll never tire of calling ourselves crazy for creativity”, declares Nicola Belli, CEO of the Armando Testa Group. 

“That’s why the challenge is to succeed in fully understanding all the amazing opportunities that new media and technology offer for creative thought today.

Alessandro is a talent who will allow us to understand and interpret even better the “phygital” world. Being able to exploit qualitative and quantitative data in the most effective way will be a further weapon available to the Armando Testa Group to best express creative potential in a context in continuous evolution. 


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