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Tantum Verde Gola, a historical brand of the Angelini Group for the treatment of sore throat, returns to communication with moving ad with a cinematographic mood, created by the Armando Testa agency.

Objective: underline the rapid effectiveness of the Tantum Verde Gola inhaler, a practical and successful treatment, specially suited for those irritating sore throats which prevent you from carrying out your daily routines to the best.

The trainer of a junior football team, his young captain, the winning goal. These are the ingredients of the story which make the Tantum Verde ad a little film full of emotions.

The situation is simple: the trainer is deep in thought in the locker room, and he’s the victim of a sore throat, he realises in his current condition he won’t to guide the team. The captain, surprised that the coach has not turned up, appears from the door and after just one look and a moment’s worry, he understands what’s wrong and goes into attack, going off to call for the right reinforcements. He returns to the locker room with match referee who immediately hands the trainer the Tantum Verde Gola: two spays and “relief is immediate!” The match is in the closing stages and the trainer encourages the kid to strike with a great kick…. which ends up in the goal! As they cheer the goal the trainer, captain and the whole team have a great group hug together, the claim underlines the action of the product in tune with the winning chant of the kid claim: “Tantum Verde Gola, a knock out against sore throat!”.

With creative direction from Piero Reinerio, Laura Pelissero, art director and Francesca Palazzo, copywriter worked on the project. Directed by Emanuele Cova for production company Little Bull (Armando Testa Group).

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