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The 30” launch ad (20” on the web) for the new Infasil Donna women’s deodorants is on air from 5th July on main TV channels. This is an innovative product line, which has been specially created for women’s skin.

The film starts off with the word “innovazione” (innovation) which highlights the innovative contents of the deodorants, it then turns into the Infasil logo set against a background of pink hexagons, the graphic icon of the line. The hexagons flutter towards the screen to reveal the Infasil Donna products against elegant and refined lighting which emphasises the attractive packaging. The film uses images of a beautiful woman and her skin to explain that the Infasil Donna line, works not only as a deodorant but also cares for women’s skin which is thinner and contains less collagen fibres.

In a second step we discover more of the products in the line. The first one is Infasil Donna Puro, in spray and roll-on, which is ideal for sensitive skin since it is nickel tested. The second one is Infasil Donna Rigenera, in spray and cream, for skin which is exposed to everyday stress such as hair removal, cleansing and scrubbing. A demo of an “in vitro” test shows us how the Donna Rigenera derma-replenishing complex is able to restore the protective barrier of the epidermis, ensuring the woman’s skin is smooth and luminous.

The film closes with the smiling face of the protagonist next to the packs with her arms crossed as if she was hugging herself. At the same time the voice over reminds us the line of Infasil Donna deodorants is “Solo per noi donne”. (Only for us women)

With creative direction from Piero Reinerio, art director Monica Barbalonga and copywriter Chiara Demichelis worked on the project. Directed by Pierluca De Carlo for the production company Little Bull (Armando Testa Group).
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