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A trip around the natural habitat of food preservation: Cuki launches the campaign for the new Cuki App Save the Food with Armando Testa.

A trip around the natural habitat of food preservation: Cuki launches the campaign for the new Cuki App Save the Food with Armando Testa.

Anyone never found themselves freezing left over food and then storing it in a back corner of the freezer and then forgetting all about it, so running the risk that it is wasted?

A freezer is a domestic appliance in almost every home, but often instead of being a tool we use every day it becomes a place unexplored for long periods of time.

Cuki’s mission has always been food preservation and fighting waste, and it now launches the new Cuki App Save the Food, the perfect digital ally to ensure your freezer is always at your fingertips.

The app was designed and developed by the Armando Testa agency: it’s an innovative useful tool, simple to use and free of charge offers to help members of the same family or flat-mates be aware of what is to be found in their freezer. 

The campaign communication uses a creative approach borrowing the language of nature documentaries, and the freezer becomes the“natural” habitat for preservation, the cradle of food biodiversity where our food can feel protected and safe, always fresh.

Getting to know your own freezer is the most effective strategy to combat waste: with the Cuki App Save the Food all this becomes possible in an immediate and intuitive way. 

Intended for home use, even when not using Cuki products, the Cuki App Save the Food App – available on the Apple Store and Google Play – lets us know what is in our freezer at any time and when it is time to defrost our food.  5 days before the recommended defrosting date, a notification will be sent about the food to be defrosted and eaten as soon as possible.

An enormous database of more than 350 foods of different types, both fresh and cooked, means all you have to do is select what you want to freeze and the App will do all the rest, indicating on the food sheet the date of freezing, and the days until it should be defrosted. If some particular food is not included in the database, it can be added manually at any time.

The App is further enhanced with lots of other functions, such as managing more than one freezer in different houses, sharing a freezer with other members of the family and practical tips on how to correctly wrap food, and freeze and defrost it in the most suitable way.

The integrated communication campaign, starts off on 12 July and runs on an eco-system with a number of touchpoints: digital, social, TV and daily press ads.  

The campaign includes 15” video hero contents, vertical video spots on specific functions of the app, and static content with the goal of building awareness and consideration.

Media strategy managed by Media Italia, includes a mix of players with different targeting models, with online on a range of CTV devices Desktop, Mobile, Streaming audio.
Video production managed by Armando Testa Studios.


Client: Cuki Cofresco

Marketing Manager: Carlo Bertolino

Brand Manager: Elisabeth Beccaris 

Agency: Armando Testa

Executive creative direction: Michele Mariani

Digital creative direction: Gabriella De Stefano, Paolo Fenoglio

Creative team: Laura Guida, Laura Celli Volta

Social media managers: Fabio Cuscunà, Eleonora Valerisce

CTO: Marco Savojardo

Client service: Giovanna Farè, Arianna Cipolloni, Francesca Toschi

Production: Armando Testa Studios

Director Dadomani

Media: Media Italia

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