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A tribute to all the love every parent shows in protecting their children from the realities of life: that’s how “The Great Flight” came to life.

This Chicco film was created by Armando Testa Turin and produced by Filmmini, a unit of Filmmaster Productions, directed by Federico Brugia.

The story tackles the delicate subject of saying a final farewell to a member of the family, with as much grace as possible. And it does so with poetry, emotion and magic. The tone is the dreamy tone of a fairy tale. With all the imagination that should overflow in life, even for adults.

“There are ideas which would never have seen the light of day if we had not had a client with a wide vision who was willing to go there -says Nicola Belli of the Armando Testa Group-, a partner with whom we could create a courageous project, taking an inventive approach to such an emotional and delicate subject.”

Director Federico Brugia, comments: “In this film we are certainly tackling a subject which is undoubtedly difficult, we thought hard about it and have turned it into something magical and light while at the same time extremely sophisticated; thanks to the attention paid to the details in the sequence of images. I used butterflies to convey the concept of lightness, and the image of the ceiling is where this is expressed to the max”.

The campaign is on air on Sky channels and online, and it is dedicated to everyone who makes a commitment every day to raising their children. Because children should be children for as long as possible.


Advertising Agency: Armando Testa, Turin, Italy

Creative Director: Vincenzo Celli

Art Director: Matteo Pozzi

Copywriter: Samantha Scaloni

Clients Service Director: Tiziana Perotti

Director: Federico Brugia

Production: Filmmini

Executive Producer: Lorenzo Cefis

Producer: Anna Sica

Director of Photography: Luca Esposito

Editing: Cecilia Falsone

Color Correction: Claudio Beltrami @Band

CGI: Mattia Bruno @Band

Compositing: Alberto Mantini @Band

Music: “Butterfly”, composed and performed by Luigi De Gasperi

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