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On the occasion of the launch of Sustenium Bioritmo 3 Multivitaminico, Menarini  is introducing a new communication format created by Armando Testa. The protagonist-icon is the friendly, modern and technological Sustenium virtual assistant, expert in all the energy needs and ambassador of the brand’s values ​​of innovation and familiarity. Thanks to its personalised advice, consumers will be able to discover the Sustenium products best suited to their needs. For example, when you have lots of commitments and you’re a bit low on energy and pace Sustenium recommends the new Sustenium Bioritmo 3 Multivitaminico, an innovative line of 4 multivitamins designed for gender (woman and man) and age (adults and 60+) characterized by 3 phase technology with rhythmic release of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Customised products with specific ingredients are available for each target.

The launch ad is set in an ultramodern, hyper-technological and hyper-connected apartment, the Sustenium virtual assistant uses a scan to detect that the young professional is short of energy and voom so it recommends Sustenium Bioritmo3 Multivitaminico Donna. A technological demo explains how it works, showing the rhythmic release of ingredients and the relative benefits in each phase of her day.

At the end the virtual assistant reminds us that Sustenium Bioritmo3 Multivitaminico is also available in the complete formula for women over 60, by showing a woman on her bike full of energy.

Campaign planning starts from 17 February on TV with a follow-up on out of home digital, print and points of sale. With creative direction from Piero Reinerio, art director Tina Salvato and copywriter Chiara Demichelis worked on this project. Directed by Emanuele Cova. Production company: Little Bull.

The Menarini pharmaceutical group is based in Florence, and today it is present in 136 countries around the world with more than 17,000 employees. It has 7 R & D centres as well as 16 production plants, with an annual production of over 580 million packs which are distributed across the five continents. Thanks to its pharmaceutical products, Menarini is making a continual. top quality contribution to the health of patients all over the world.

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