Momodesign, Elefantino, Ecochic

Client: Lancia

Date: 08/09/2013


Ypsilon is the star of the new Lancia 2013 communication, with Ypsilon Ecochic and the two special series "Ypsilon Elefantino" and "Ypsilon Momodesign". All campaigns are, in fact, set in modern cities, that portray life as a sophisticated game, and populated by fantastic, spectacular and seductive creatures. A communication language that develops three forms: "Surprising", "Spicy" and "Seductive" to express the "urban-chic soul" of Lancia, a form of contemporary elegance, a real attitude for urban environments. A touch of cheekiness, a dose of irony to describe the provocative and unexpected character of the special 2013 series.

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