Client: Lancia

Date: 06/01/2014


LANCIA YPSILON ELEFANTINO is back in communication with the new 2014 range, dedicated to a young and urban target that likes to stand out with style. Keeping its ironic and surprising language, the new campaign has a real elephant protagonist together with a fascinating girl. In the first episode dedicated to the whole Elefantino range, an Ypsilon covered with mud arrives at a party creating real surprise and disappointment between all the elegant and sophisticated guests. The beautiful driver isn’t discouraged, and immediately calls for support. So there comes a hand, or better a trunk, from the pool:  a real elephant emerges and sprays water all around, washing the dirt from the car and at the same time spitefully refreshing the other astonished guests. The claim "For Very Ypsilon People" emphasizes the positioning of the Ypsilon world, underlining its character and its personality, which makes unique also those who choose it. The 3 following subjects are focused on the new Elefantino customizations Coconut, Lime and Watermelon. Our elephant is always the protagonist, but this time with an elegant waiter; this one, with great "savoir faire” tries to avoid his funny intrusions into the party’s guests life. A fresh and young communication style for the latest car customizations Camouflage, Animalier and Pois, which offer our customer the chance to show their irreverent character playing with the look of their Ypsilon Elefantino in more than 150 possible combinations.