Tantum Rosa Intimo Quotidiano Comfort Spray

Il sollievo si fa rosa

Client: Angelini

Date: 01/08/2018


And what if you're not at home and you suddenly feel a burning itchy sensation?

Carry Tantum Rosa Intimo Quotidiano Comfort Spray with you for its speedy refreshing action.

We see the hand of the protagonist as she pulls the spray out of her blue coloured bag, along with the pink background this brings to mind the colours of the logo.
The demo highlights the “upside down” technology that means the spray can also work in a practical and hygienic way upside down.

With a morphing effect the demo passes to the real life of the protagonist who calmly and with a smile, continues her shopping with her friend.

The final pack shot reminds us that with Tantum Rosa Intimo Quotidiano, Comfort Spray or its Crema Serum, relief goes “rosa”.

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