Client: Angelini

Date: 27/10/2019


Tantum Verde is entering the world of nasal decongestants for the first time with their new blocked nose spray Tantum Verde Naso Chiuso. The launch film uses the symbolic red “nose clamp” to show the discomfort caused by the sense of apnoea due to a blocked nose.The clamp is a constant presence on the protagonist’s nose. He is a smart and friendly engineer who is forced to breathe making a great effort, his moth open, all day long at work until the evening. Thanks to Tantum Verde Naso Chiuso his problem is quickly resolved. The technological demo uses a combination of features of the pack (profile of the nose and the spray) and 3D animation to underline how effective and rapid it is for nasal decongestion. In this way the irritating clamp disappears from his nose. We see the protagonist again, this time in a park with his young son on his shoulders. Even if his kid’s little hands are playfully pinching his nose, he is breathing freely. Because with Tantum Verde Naso Chiuso you can breathe through your nose!

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