Crowded Bed

Client: Angelini

Date: 05/01/2020


Goodnight to flu symptoms with Tachinotte.

Tachinotte from the Gruppo Angelini is on TV with a new spot. We are in a young couple’s bedroom. The husband is already under the covers with his eyes closed, but he is woken up by the symptoms of his wife's flu. He is worried so he turns on the light to see how she is and to his great surprise he sees that there are two others next to his wife who’s coughing! One is sneezing and blowing her nose and the third one is holding a thermometer and trembling with chills. This assault of symptoms is wiped out thanks to the effect of the Tachinotte syrup which is taken before sleeping and dissolves coughs, colds and fevers letting our protagonists get back to a restful sleep all night long.

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