Mum and Daughter

Client: Menarini

Date: 19/06/2016


“It is so hot, I feel exhausssted!” is the creative hook of the new campaign created for the saline supplement Magnesium and Potassium Sustenium from Menarini. It’s what an elegant 60 year old woman utters as she drops down exhausted onto a bench in the city centre. The oppressive heat of a muggy summer day has got the better of her while she’s been on a shopping spree. Her thirty-year-old daughter suggests the solution with a friendly “Un-exhaust yourself!” and offers her the supplement.
In the demo the supplement is dissolved in a glass of water then emerges to form a liquid propeller that rotates on itself to emphasise the renewed vitality the exclusive pleasant tasting orange flavoured Fresh Formula produces. The protagonist confirms this when, sitting outside a bar in the shade, she thanks her daughter and happily tells her that she’s got her energy back, with a friendly “Un-exhausted and refreshed!”

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